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About The Autism MX Project


The Autism MX Project is a foundation dedicated to children on the Autism Spectrum.  AMX hosts day camps for ASD kids and their families 6-7 times a year.  AMX spreads Autism Awareness by our colorful Team Autism MX graphic kits. 

AMX hopes to help bring families to the motocross tracks, So Cal deserts and OHV riding areas or even the backyard. Our kids can do amazing things; we just need to let them. With awareness brings understanding, understanding brings acceptance and that acceptance creates a comfort zone for my family and others like mine within the local MX community.

We are dedicated to raising public awareness about Autism and its effects on individuals and families. Autism has no known or proven causes and we believe that with projects like Autism MX, we can help to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.


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