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Team AMX Rider Program

AMX rider/racer program (all listed below subject to change!)

  • One Industries 50% off all products

  • TAG Metals 50% off all products

  • Sun Line 50% off all products

  • 661 50% off all products

  • Smith Optics 50% off all products

  • Rocket Exhaust Racer discount program 20%-35% off

  • Fly Racing Gear 50% off

  • Matrix Racing Products 40% off

  • A’ME Grips n/c

  • Autism MX T-Shirts N/C to Racers

  • 40%-50% off Utopia Optics

  • Kenda Tire Rider Discount Program $60 rears $45 fronts

  • Crower Preformance 35% off on cams and kits and pistons

  • RK Excel 40%-45% off Sprocket Kits, Excecl Rims and RK Chains

  • Race Tech Discount Programs 20%-80% off depending

  • Novik MX Gloves 50% off

  • Kal Gard Oils 50% off

  • Any and all other discounts or products AMX receives

SoCal local AMX rider/racer will need to participate in the AMX Day Camps, AMX vendors booths and support all efforts by the Autism MX project.  If rider/racer is a student grades and social responsibility must be met to be a part of the sponsorship offered by AMX.

AMX is a fast growing foundation and things change weekly from added discounts to working with local pros and so on.