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AMX Testimonials

Alan about his son Colby and his awesome younger brother

Exciting. Our 11-yr son Colby has autism. His younger brother who doesn’t have autism is racing a 50cc. Colby also wanted a dirt bike; must admit we were a bit scared but figured he rides his bike, so why should we set a limit on him. After a lot of work (his mom mainly working with him) he now rides his trail bike. Some of the smaller local races have also let him participate. Riding has made a big difference for him; he feels included in the gang and gave him some confidence. Wish we were closer to you to ride, but I am going to donate right now.
I attached a picture of Colby on his bike for you, and a picture of him with his younger brother waiting for their turn to practice.

Shelby (about her brother Dale)
Wow, you guys are truly amazing. I am 19 years old, I was blessed with my baby brother when I was 6. He is now 13 and bigger than I am. He struggles with autism as well. He’s has the biggest heart and the most amazing soul. I never though I could look up to someone younger than me but the support ribbon tattoo on my leg shows the world every day how much I will look up to him, love him and support him until the day that I die. He is my everything. I would go to the end of time for him. I love you guys for doing what you do. If I lived back in cali again I would jump through hoops to come show my support. You have touched my heart!

Hey I think what you guys are doing is great!
It just shows again what world class people mx racers and supporters are. Great job guys!!!!