Day Camp 2011-2016

What is AMX Day Camp?

Day Camp is a day where kids within the Autism Spectrum Disorder can simply come to a comfortable welcoming environment and ride a 50cc quad or a small dirt bike in a safe protective area surrounded by “flaggers”. Flaggers are volunteers or fathers like myself that are there to ensure safety, but above all else ensure the kids have a great time! The camps are best suited for children 5-16 years of age. The quad is equipped with a cable that can be pulled if needed by any one of the flaggers that will cause the motor to stop running. This is a chance of a lifetime for many children with Autism as most families can’t imagine their child riding a quad!


The camp is designed to make all kids feel welcome no matter where they may lay on the Autism Spectrum.  Every child is different and not all children will want to ride, but those who do will have an experience that will last a lifetime and may even lead to a new hobby. Those who don’t ride will get a chance to see the MX world up close and personal, meet new friends, and be a part of something to remember.

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