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AMX Founder

Welcome all to our world, The Autism MX and Off-Road Project, where Autism, Motocross and Off-Roading come together.

I often say “If I was a soccer dad then it would be The Autism Soccer Project, but I am not, I am a motocross dad.” Autism is my life, my family’s life and who my son is.  That will never change… he may change but he will always be or have been Autistic.

My name is Mathew Dalton and I founded The Autism MX Project to merge a hobby I am passionate about, Motocross, with a cause that is near and dear to my heart, Autism. We are in Murrieta/Temecula and sponsor AMA Pro MX/SX racers, a many local racers and do Autism MX Day Camps where kids with Autism get a chance to ride dirt bikes and quads.

When Ryan showed interest in riding a 50cc quad I was ecstatic.  His older brother Brandon and I have been riding on Sundays for years. All I ever wanted was for Ryan to join his brother and be a part of my love for motocross.

Autism Ride Day (10-6-2012) 107-M

And now we ride at all the local So Cal tracks: Pala, Perris, Star West and Milestone and have a great time as a family.  To be able to spend quality time with both of my sons while enjoying a sport I love has been a dream come true.



As the boys have grown older, and after meeting so many community friends and advocates, some of which are on our team, I realized that MX was just the beginning. Many Autism community members want to experience the rugged outdoors, but may not be ready to ride a dirt-bike or quad by themselves. As we began expanding into side by sides, Jeeps and other off road toys, we realized that for many, the thrill of being off-road is universal, even if it’s being a passenger.

Come join me in an adventure of a lifetime with those we love, experiencing the beauty of the outdoors, the thrill of the ride, and great friends on and off the track.