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2016 March 19-20 AMX CAMP OUT! With the Adventure Club!!



“The First Annual Adventure Club Camping in the Desert Autism MX Day Camp”
Attention Autism MX Supporters, Team Riders, and Volunteers!
The Autism MX Project is back in ACTION!

Over the years we at AMX have been working with children on the Autism Spectrum, we have learned a lot!
The biggest thing we (AMX) have learned is, we need to get our KIDDOS off the computers and their butts outside having FUN!!! Crazy Dirt Bike type FUN!!!

For those of you that have been to an AMX Day Camp or have volunteered, you have seen us struggle with equipment. Old quads that won’t start, little bikes with training wheels that seem to be more dangerous than fun,not being able to keep up with the kids as they are getting older and bigger, etc.
On my recent to trip to Glamis, I got the chance to drive a UTV “Side by Side”. Within the first 2 minutes, I was having a BLAST! I kept thinking “OMG my son RYAN would absolutely love this!” The UTV Side by Sides are like a golf cart turned Monster Truck! They are safe and can fit 3 passengers and 1 driver, an AMX volunteer.

I spoke with David at our Texas Chapter and he said that by far, the kids loved the UTV Side by Sides the best! I then spoke with Alan at our Missouri Chapter and you guessed it, he said the same thing! By far the kids loved the UTV Side by Sides the best!

With all this being said, we having our first “Camping in the Desert Autism MX Day Camp!” The goal for this event is to give as many children on the Autism Spectrum a chance to go for a ride in a Side by Side. Also, to show parents with children on the spectrum that they too can take their child out the desert, the mountains and even Pismo Beach and have a BLAST! In a safe fun family environment!
Please see the link below to get a better understanding of what a Side by Side is.

Autism MX is joining forces with Maria Rittenberg’s Adventure Club to host the first annual “Adventure Club Camping in the Desert Autism MX Day Camp” scheduled for Saturday, March 19th @ 10am to Sunday, March 20th @ 2pm in Ocotillo Wells. Address: 5172 Highway 78, Borrego Springs, California 92004.
If you are interested in helping us make the lives of these kids (and families) affected by autism a better place and a chance to just be kids, please come out and join in on the fun. Please review all the information stated below.

We need volunteers! We will also be bringing a few quads and little dirt bikes so will need help running those.
We will be camping, plan accordingly, meaning a tent, RV or a Toy Hauler.
Bring everything you and your family will need. That means everything, food, drink, clothing, etc.…
We will mostly likely only have a few Side by Sides, so we will need your help to get more out there!!!
We are going to film this event to create a presentation to present to Polaris in hopes that Polaris as a company will see the value in the helping families that have children on the spectrum and the market that is just waiting to be tapped into.

The more support ie: families, volunteers, RV’s, friends, children on the spectrum, siblings, moms, dads, sons daughters, Side by Sides, dirt bikes, quads and people we have out there, the better the chance we have to get Polaris on board with AUTISM AWARENESS!!

Equipment as always is LIMITED!! This is still very much in the planning stages! We are just parents trying to make difference in these kids lives and the families that are affected, we are not professionals, just passionate.

If you are interested in being apart of the first annual “Adventure Club Camping in the Desert Autism MX Day Camp!” Please email with what you can do to help us have a rip roaring good time!!!

We need EQUIPMENT! Volunteers, Families, RV’s Trailers, dads, moms, sons, daughters and we need to have FUN!!